• Spy Starter Pack
  • Spy Starter Pack
  • Spy Starter Pack
  • Spy Starter Pack

Spy Starter Pack

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Your kids next step in becoming a Spy. Grow their imagination with real Spy Gear from Spyology Squad.

  • Spyology Squad Bag - fill it up with all their gear and send them outside on an adventure! 

  • Spyology Squad Access Card - this card not only gives you access to unlock the door at HQ, but SECRET ACCESS to future HEYMRJIM In Person Events

  • Magnet-Seal Notebook - might be the coolest item of the pack! Keep all your secrets inside undetected, in case the Purple Ninja's get their hands on it. Use the sticky notes to keep track of all the clues and leave secret messages behind for other spies.

  • Top Secret Notebook (with invisible messages from HQ) - Mr Jim has written some secret invisible messages that can only be read with the decoder Spy Pen Light.

  • Invisible Ink Pens w/ Light - we often write secret Spy messages. Thankfully these Spy Pens are Top Secret and only Real Spy's have access to them.

  • Spyology Squad Stickers


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